2017 Ford F-150 Platinum

I currently have version 3.0 20204 and have downloaded the latest 3.4 with latest 2 20 maps for Navigation. I havent installed the system from the USB as of yet.

Question - will I lose the ability to choose my ambient lighting in the truck (colors and brightness)? I saw a post or two about people losing this option.


No, it may temporarily not work but the system usually figures it out, if not a battery pull or module reset via forscan usually sorts it.

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Thank you for the quick response…Okay. Want to do the update but unsure if all will be normal. Have you heard of any issues that have come up with my model year and the new update?

You should be fine with the update. The reformat procedure will take about 28 minutes or so and reboot into the new Sync 3.4 version with maps. Just be patient when the unit boots back up as there are background tasks it will be doing for the first 3-5 minutes. This will slow the response of things, this is normal. Wait to add your phone and do other things for just a few minutes while it processes thru all this.

If you run into issues we are here to help. Read the instructions for the SYN3 Updater app and use a good USB 3.0 stick with 32GB preferably.

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Thank you so much. I appreciate it.