2017 MKZ TCU Upgrade Sold in Canada now in US

I have just purchased 2017 MKZ 3.0T AWD that was sold in Canada. I live in the states and want to upgrade my modem. The car came with a 3G modem.
I have read many threads and still have some confusion.

Can I get the 4G to work in the US?
Do I need a TCU-B1? Currently I see a HJ5T-14G087-EU will this work?
I believe I can use any TCU H,J or K. If I use K it has to have the firmware down graded to J. Please let me know if this is correct.
I have seen some threads that refer to lost functionality based on the TCU used. Does this only apply to EV’s?

A lot of answers here: Search results for ‘HJ5T’ - CyanLabs Official Community

Any modem needs 4G now, the 3G is being discontinued, or already is discontinued.
You will need a B2 modem if you plan on using a J or K series TCU in the US. (B1 is Canada) The K series will need to be downgraded to J series firmware.
HJ5T-14G087-EU will work but you will need to make sure it has the latest firmware.
TCU functionality and feature sets are determined by the vehicle and year of production, as well as EV or not. If the FordPass app does not support a feature for your vehicle, there is no way to make that feature work, though FordPass anyways. Using an unauthorized third party app will result in your Ford service account being locked, and you will need to get Ford support to unlock the account.

You should look to see if your vehicle was eligible for the 4G modem upgrade. If it is that is another way to go if it is still being offered.

The HJ5T-14G087-EU is a B1
I did contact Lincoln and they said I wasn’t on the vin list but I will double check.

Just to confirm a B2 H,J or K TCU will work.
I just need correct firmware.


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