3.4 - USB Music functionality while in motion

Hey everyone,

First off, I want to say i’m not looking for help with bypassing or modifying the system in a way to allow for accessing while in motion. Most of the time, on longer road trips, my passenger is the one changing the music. Right now, I’m only looking to see if anyone can tell me how it works.

Currently i’m still on stock 3.0, and the music menu access works normally with no restrictions. I can search, browse, and do everything. On 3.4 later builds, i’ve read this is now restricted. However i’ve read different things on how its actually restricted.

  • If you are fully stopped, go back and go to the artist list (just the artist list, not typing a search), then begin moving before selecting anything, does an alert pop up stopping you from selecting anything or can you continue to scroll the list? I know for navigation if you are typing anything, the keyboard input will “gray out” preventing any further input once above a certain speed (which makes sense), but i’m wondering if that same thing happens with USB audio.

  • I’ve also read that if you reach the end of an album while in motion, it’ll allow to select a new artist or album. Can anyone confirm if that’s how it works?

  • I’ve also heard voice commands work, and you can say just an artist, which will then bring up a selection screen to select an album. Is that how it works while in motion as well?

Again, i’m not looking for any way to bypass these restrictions as i completely understand the reasoning behind them. However for the way we use USB audio often, I just want to have a better understanding of how it works before i upgrade.


It acts the same as the Nav settings. Once you move 6 MPH, the restrictions are active.

I do not think that works as it is the same as browsing. However, as long as it is the same artist that you were listening to, you have limited browsing ability for that artist only.

Voice commands work this way, as well as commanding the particular album or song. Again as above, limited browsing under that artist only.

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