A black screen in SYNC3.4 20136

After upgrading to the 20136 version, there is a black screen during driving. Has anyone encountered it? It has appeared several times, and it will still appear after the system is reset.

Aside from making sure you’ve done a master reset (doubt it’ll help) that sounds like a hardware fault

Thank you,I have done a system master reset and the screen is very hot.Now I consider downgrading to 19052 to see if this happens.

i have the same issue one my test bed sometimes, its a dodgy screen cable in my case, perhaps the same for you, wiggling the cable makes it come back, same i guess would apply by driving over a bump etc

I have also experienced this once on my stock SYNC system that I updated to 3.4.20136. Turning the car off and on again fixed the black screen and it hasn’t come up again since.

Hmm interesting, will keep this in mind, Thanks.