About KUGA add the password lock

I am in China,my car is kuga 2013 1.6T,without password lock 。
I would like to ask where I can buy the American version of the KUGA B pillar with password lock?

If you could get the part number you should be able to order it via a dealer or search breakers yards

There are 2 parts, the B-pillar fascia and the keypad itself. They are separate. You will need to access the inside of the door to route the wiring.

Now the question you need to answer first, is the wiring in the door for the IA (Intelligent Access) system?

If it is not, this becomes a much bigger project with wiring harnesses and possibly updating BCM and PATS firmware. This is not economical, nor would I advise you do this due to the risk of disabling the vehicle.

My car has update BCM and PATS firmware.I just want buy a new B-pillar fascia because my B-pillar is cracked.

Then you will have to determine what the B-pillar parts you will need…

B-pillar fascia and the keypad
like this pic

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