All customizable themes from sync 3.4

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I updated 3.4 maps 20196.Before I had 20136. It turns out that I no longer have access to the personalized “secret” themes. What I did before updating. The “buttons” that until then gave the “key” … at this moment do not “open”.

If anyone knows the “trick”, I’m grateful.


Not really sure what you mean but if you mean Bezel Diagnostics > Testing Settings this is still possible on 20196 and shouldn’t be any different, you may need to be on Radio though

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You can be on any source, although maybe Carplay/AA might be different. The keys should be the same as they were. I don’t know what they would be for a 2018 Mondeo. Is it Next Track on the panel and Next Track on the steering wheel for 8 seconds?

I translated the title and moved this thread to the Sync category.


Good morning from Sunday to you Engineer!

It’s already working … it was as you told me.

Thanks again.

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This worked for me too - Thanks :+1:

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