Also possible on the EU apims?

Apparently the software/firmware of the ASIA region has something that the EU apims don’t have, namely useful information about the countries and then I will mention a few things: the different speeds allowed in a country and other things. Could this be related to a different firmware?
Some Thai mechanic showed it in a short video…:

Looks like it’s part of the Nav tbh

My educated guess as CyanLabs mentioned is it is a function of the nav application in Sync. Based on the information I’ve been able to pick up from various posts here, US and EU use Telenav while a lot of other regions use NNG. Likely the latter has that function. As someone in the US, I can confirm Telenav doesn’t have this function.

Getting ahead of the question: You can’t switch nav apps in your region. The map files are built for a specific nav app. That means for EU you’d be stuck with Telenav.

I figured that out, yes…But still, it’s a pity that the Telenav Navigation doesn’t have it. It would be a nice feature