APIM Analogue Camera input spec

Hi Guys

does anyone know the analogue camera input spec that sync can accommodate?

GTD i think?

Any of the CVBS cameras SHOULD work. The GFA and GAHD are switchable, I believe?
The format is NTSC.
Is this an aftermarket camera swap? If so, be aware that Sync 3.4 has issues with some aftermarket cameras.

Thanks for the reply. I have an aftermarket camera that works but the res is a little disappointing and didn’t come with any kind of spec. These camera look much nicer if they work.

I went win the 960x720 on the basis the screen is 4:3 and not widescreen. Pure guess

Hey, since we didn’t hear back from you in over 10 days and no farther assistance is needed I’m closing the thread.