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I have seen on here in a few places that the country code should not be changed in the APIM as it can cause issues.

I saw a configuration called ‘Nav in Motion’. Upon checking, it seems that all this does is change the country code to a country that does not have laws on using mobile devices whilst on the move.

I just wondered what the issues are when changing the country code. The reason I ask is because I thought I would give it a try so changed the setting to 5753. After the change, everything seemed to be fine and it looked like nothing changed.

Next morning, I got in the car, got to the end of the road and the engine light came on. Plus I noticed whenever I clicked the ‘Stations’ button on the screen for FM, it said the list was empty. When I got home, I plugged in my laptop and there were loads of DTCs on things like APIM, ABS, PCM. All various errors.

I have changed the country code back and reset all the DTCs and will see what it is like tomorrow.

Would this kind of behaviour be expected just from changing the country code in the APIM or does it look like there is something else?

Nothing changed other than the country code before that happened.

I have not seen that kind of behavior from changing the country code. Are you in the UK? Maybe @Louage has any info on this?

Usually this is done by the US users so it unlocks the ability to input nav destinations, etc. Does the UK have similar restrictions?

Hello Steevo,
just for curosity which country is WS?
As far as i remember the country code i not only used inside the APIM.

Samoa, specifically Western Samoa…The code for WS is 5753. Some other abbreviations appear as AQ and GA for Samoa, but WS is the 2 digit ISO abbreviation.

The country code is also used in the ACM, BCM, and a few others, depending on the vehicle model.

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Thanks @F150Chief
Western Samoa
This was my educated guess :slight_smile:
Your findings are identical with the information that i was getting out of some asbuilt data crunching.

Well after changing the country code back to the UK, everything has returned to normal. I have all the radio station lists populated again and no DTCs have appeared.

It does seem that changing the country code can have quite an effect.

The change of country code is done by US based individuals as the 5753 is within the mapping area of USA, this is not the case in the UK. Not sure what you’re trying to achieve as there aren’t any restrictions in the UK I’m aware of?

The check engine light wouldn’t be illuminated by this change, it sounds like you have something else going on. Given the current temperatures in the UK, and the multiple module DTCs you mention, it is far more likely your battery is low or dying. Advise you get it checked.

Reason for change was that since I upgraded to 3.4, I can no longer browse my USB stick when the car is moving (well not me, my wife in the passenger seat). Browsing the web, that was the suggested solution.

Since changing back, all has been fine. I went out an hour ago to the shop and then changed it back to 5753 just as a test.

Guess what, all the DTCs went on and the engine light virtually straight after I changed it. They all seem to be CAN errors of one type or another. I have now changed it back to UK where it will stay.

Battery is fully charged according to multimeter.

That’s not the solution. These restrictions are baked into the app with no adjustments available. This is the result of Ford and all manufacturers implementing safety guidelines from government and other agencies.

Hey, but your battery is good, right…

Yeah, all good.

It was worth a try though.

Thank you all for the help.

I am pretty sure that the country code is entered in other modules as well. Maybe that is why you got lots of DTC’s.

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