APIM update - OEM firmware error - black screen

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Black screen - no starup logo

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Last week I downloaded a software update from Ford and installed the latest update via USB (not sure what version). The Lst file says:-
SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.0.25 - Only for Nav/EU assemblies.

All appeared to be well after the update, but I the next day I perfromed a master reset on the unit and now the screen is black. If I perform the soft reset the screen appears to reboot but does not boot still. Thererfore I took the car to Ford who are now suggesting that either the screen is broken or the APIM is bad. But they have not done any diagnstics to do this, only tried to update the APIM.

I have tried a number of USB updates with offical software and the diagnotic tool in the USB, but either USB port does not resposnd. They have power but do not start an updae. I have driven for over two hours with the USB in the port and nothing has been written to the sticks.

I’m considering purchasing a ELM tool to update the APIM firwmare. Do you think this would work? I can see many users have recovered from a black screen using Forscan. I’m not sure if the APIM has suddenly died after a OEM software update. It was working perfectly before the update.

A calibration update won’t fix anything, sounds like a hardware failure. I can only suggest removing the battery for 30 mins or using an OBD reader to see if any dtc is stored. Either way, sounds like a new apim and/or screen is needed.

Hi thnaks for your reply. Do you not think the APIM firmware update will fix this issue?
I have removed the battery and reset the APIM via Forscan.
No dtc errors are found

Is the car under warranty? (may be a stupid question, I know)

Hi SaNdMaN,
Yes it is from another company but they said they do not cover software updates.

I don’t understand…
The warranty is from another company?
Something like an “extended warranty” that you bought?.

Let me rephrase: is the car under Ford’s warranty?

The APIM and screen are Ford’s, so they should be covered…

Yes extended 3 month warranty came with the car, I’ve only had it 3 weeks. There was a ford recall for APIMs in the USA but I’m in the UK and doesn’t appeared to be covered.

If you can connect with FORScan, save the asbuilt and post it here. Since you can see the APIM in FORScan, it is most likely recoverable. What theme were you running before the update?

Don’t mess with the firmware…

Hi F150chief,
I will grab the details, I haven’t messed with anything at all, this was the OEM update. Unless the previous owner did something.

Here is the as built data :-
;Block 1
;Block 2
;Block 3
;Block 4
;Block 5
;Block 6
;Block 7
;Block 8

Do you see the startup logo (Ford) on the screen or is there just nothing at all?

I did not find anything wrong with the asbuilt. You could try:

  1. Reloading the entire asbuilt and then performing a power cycle.
  2. Change 7D0 03 01 0000 0100 00DC to 0000 0000 00DB. This will force map the theme to Ford Classic legacy theme. This might wake up the screen.

I noticed the 7D0-08 series asbuilt lines are present. Since this is a 2016 vehicle, either this is a replacement APIM or someone has upgraded the firmware on the OEM unit.

If you could PM me your VIN I could see if this is the original APIM or not.

EDIT: The APIM looks to be original and the asbuilt and firmware match OEM.

Changing 7D0 03 01 0000 0100 00DC to 0000 0000 00DB resolved the screen issue.
This will force map the theme to Ford Classic legacy theme.

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