Autoinstall clarification

Can you clarify using the autoinstall to install map upgrades a bit more (or send me a DM on it to not hijack this thread)?

I was under the impression that updating maps on MY20+ vehicles was essentially impossible unless you had a specific license file coded/linked to the specific vehicle VIN (as opposed to the, what I’m assuming is a, generic license which is available through the ivsubinaries download link; ie for the 2022 NA maps, the generic license file is 4U5T-14G424-CF_1682464057000.tar.gz)? Am I understanding that correctly or is there a way around this to install the newer maps on MY20+ vehicles using the “generic” license?

as previously stated, you can install maps with autoinstall as long as they are not locked. If locked, you need to reformat the unit to avoid/bypass license checking.

Do you have the VIN from the Donor vehicle the APIM came from?

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