Black Screen after trying to update from 3.3.19052 to 3.4.23088


I created the USB media with the autodetect option (which said “reformat”) after introduced the USB it read it and claimed update was finished and system will reboot, screen went black and stayed like that for more than 10 minutes doing nothing… Is there a workaround or did I bricked my system?

Noe G.

From what year is the car you used the USB on?

The car is 2011 Ford edge but I bought a Sync 3 upgrade kit and installed.

Do you have the part numbers for the APIM and screen you installed?.
This is not looking good.

Sorry I don’t have pet numbers and yes I know it seems bad bad bad…

Do you have Forscan or any diagnosis tool?
If the APIM is MY20 it’s dead, but we need to confirm the part number.
If you can unmount the unit, check the stickers on the APIM.
Take a picture and upload it here.

All I have is this prior the update, I don’t have any diagnostic tool

That gives no information about the hardware.
You will need to unmount the unit and check for the stickers.
But based on what you have said, the unit was MY20 and you reformatted it, which is not possible.
If so, the unit is dead, there’s no workaround to solve it.

So it is trash now?

Solely based on what you are describing and the overall issue, yes.
To confirm it, again, you need to unmount the unit and check the sticker.

Well I will need to do that during weekend (don’t have time) so I will need to buy a new one or… what will will be looking for in the sticker?

I understand if it is a My20 I will need a new one, is there really not a way to reporogrsm it???

If it’s not a my20 what should I do???

Noe G.

Both the part number (APIM model) and manufacture date.
Take photos and upload them here (for the APIM and screen)

If it’s MY20 the reformat process bricked it.
No way to recover from the end user perspective, it could be recovered by directly writing the eMMC. But we are talking about specialized hardware and knowledge.

Check the screen’s model number.

From what you are saying, the APIM is 99% MY20.
Should you fall under that 1%, we will see what can be done.
Since you do not have forscan or an adapter, do not “waste” money on that yet.
First, confirm the APIM is MY20.

I probably have done the same to my Ford Ranger 2022. I have forscan beta 2.4.6 and can update firmware. Is there no combination of forscan firmware and and syn3 updater than can bring it back to life?

Remove “probably”: since your unit is 2022, you definitely killed it.

Short answer: As previously clearly said, no.

Longer answer: Maybe you are a newer user but as you can see you are not the first (and won’t be the last) user that kills the unit because of lack of reading and bypassing multiple warnings about reformatting a MY20 unit, but Cyanlabs has seen a lot of cases over the years.
Don’t you think that if there was a recovery process as simple as having Forscan and an adapter we would not had posted it already?.

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