Camera is unavailable after upgrade from Sync1 to Sync3


I almost successfully upgraded my 2013 Focus ST from Sync1 to Sync3. Everything, except the Rear Camera, is working fine. I checked the wiring on the APIM Connector, should be fine. Enabled the camera in ForScan (the donor car didn’t have a camera) but Sync3 just tells me “Camera unavailable”.

I have my AsBuild attached

Does anyone have an idea?


Focus_ST_WF0KXXGCBKDM18310_APIM_20220522_100437.abt (401 Bytes)

Did you use a harness that you purchased?
Here is a doc with the different Sync connector versions…
APIM Connector Versions.pdf (201.5 KB)

I’ll take a look at the abt.


Thank you for your answer.
No, I haven’t bought a harness, I repinned everything myself. Before I switched from Sync1 to Sync3, I used a Xtrons Android Radio and for the rear camera I had to use an adaptor cable to connect it. Switching to Sync3 I just cut the adaptor cable and pinned the wires to the APIM Connector, according to the tutorial on the focusowners forum.

Forscan gives me an C1001:01-0B “General electrical failure” error. I’ll check the wiring between the APIM Connector and the boot next week, when I get home again. I already checked the fuse, which is okay.

yeah it’s just 2 wires to the APIM 54 pin connector for the camera.

It’s not wired right or shorted out.

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