Can maps be updated without updating firmware?


Just installed 3.4.20282. Working fine. Forgot to slide the maps toggle on setup wizard.
Can the maps be downloaded and installed alone without the main package ? Or does the USB need to have the full package plus the maps package ?
Which zipped file is the maps ??
Downloading all again anyway …

There are multiple maps packages that need to be installed. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that if you didn’t install maps during the reformat there will be no maps partition(s) for the system to install to if you tried to do it without reformatting again, let alone enough space.

It’s best to reformat the system once again with the maps option selected. This will require a downgrade to 3.3 first. The Syn3Updater app will handle that for you if you tell it you’re currently on 3.4.20282. Install mode should read: downgrade.

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