CAN messages for newer non-sync radios

Hi, has anyone by chance tried to start the newer (2019 onwards) “non-sync” radios at the bench? E.g. the radio here:


You can start it without CAN (just press the start button), but then it usually doesn’t stay on for long. The CAN message from Sync 3 for ignition unfortunately do not work here :confused: (well is also no Sync radio but could have been).

So if someone happens to have the CAN messages or a CAN log of such a vehicle I would be happy.

I would try posting on

Also, see this:
Sync 3 APIM Bench Test Project Completed - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

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I would love to. But they require 15 useful answers, which I unfortunately can not provide :cry:
(especially not in Russian)

This is exactly the code I tried. But unfortunately the radio does not respond to it.

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Post in the thread above and maybe someone will respond…

I would love to but:

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This thing???

It looks like an old school single-din radio. Why do you want to bench it? Are you certain it is a CAN connected / aware device?

Exactly such a radio. The same is available under other part numbers (but no idea what which number is).

The radio is not that old-school. It was installed in the Ford Transit only from 2019. Here is the pinout:

And as you can see there, it also transmits CAN on pin 19 and pin 30. I have also had a logger (Arduino CAN-BUS Shield) on it. The radio also sends CAN messages (mainly things like language, time etc.). Unfortunately this does not help me to find out which messages the radio would like to start. Which is why I ask here :slight_smile:


0x086 = will be sent if you set time/date
0x090 = will be sent when changing 12/24 hours
0x191 = will be sent when changing the language

0x223, 0x229, 0x2E3, 0x35B, 0x58C = sends the radio all the time when it is on (but no idea what they do)

Maybe this helps to identify what type it is and what CAN messages the radio would like to have. Oh, and it transmits at 500kbit.

Retrofit Sync 3 into a 2018 Transit Custom Base - Ford / Help & Support - CyanLabs Official Community

I found this post. This user had exactly the radio installed which interests me. And it looks like the Sync 3 is not started in his vehicle until he has made an update to Sync 3.4. Did I understand that correctly?

Maybe the Transit is already sending “newer” CAN messages. Through which an update to Sync 3.4 was necessary. Because only Sync 3.4 understood these messages.

Is it possible to send private messages in this forum? I wanted to ask the user if he could send me a CAN log :confused:


Btw. how do you connect a device DIRECTLY to ForScan? I connected the CAN pins of the radio to OBD pins 6 and 14 (4 and 5 to ground and 16 to 12v) but it says it can’t find the vehicle (which is logical). Do I have to operate ForScan in any other way with a direct connection?

I fixed that for you…

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