Can't open cyanlabs in windows 10

So here is the deal, I downloaded the latest cyanlabs to my windows 10 computer, and when I go to open up cyanlabs a windows appears and says checking for updates and then it closes again, and doesn’t open cyanlabs… what is the issue? Thanks

I had a similar issue with a win 7 box. I needed to install the .Net framework 4.7.2 (easy google search and install), once I did that it worked fine.

Please note it does say you need Net Framework 4.7.2 on the application page

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Yep, that note’s what led me to look to make sure .Net was installed. That was my first debug step and all that was needed. Usually something else installed it but this time it was not the case.

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Guys just had time to finally sit down and see why i cant open cyanlabs… I do have Net Framework 4.7.2 on my computer and it still doesnt allow me to open Cyanlabs… Whats my issue

When I ran into the issue I reinstalled Cyanlabs after FW4.7 just to make sure all hooks were there for the installer. If you’ve already done that it’s probably a piece of protection software or permission issue. Have you tried to ‘Run as Admin’, that’s a quick thing to try. After that look into the anitvirus/malware stuff possibly blocking the software from running. Unfortunately there’s not much more I can offer past that, I get stymied by windows ‘safety’ features all the time, it can be frustrating.

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