CarPlay Navigation on small screen next to the speedometer

I’ve heard that on sync 3.4 you can have navigation directions on that small screen I am aware that it works with android auto but I read somewhere here that it’s also supports car play is this true ?

My understanding is this doesn’t work on carplay, but not being an apple user I can’t say definitively. If you have navigation in the IPC for normal navigation but not carplay, then it is just a waiting game for apple to enable it.

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I was just asking because I saw it on the website I guess I’ll try to update to 3.4 and see what I’ll get!


Here is a pic of it stating that it may support

Not true, unfortunately…I have latest iOS (beta even) and absolute latest version of 3.4 and no carplay nav on IPC

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You are correct. This is not implemented in this fashion.

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