Clock issues with update

Hi friends i have problem with my 3.4 updating 20021,after the update the clock in the sync 3.4 not correct with real time and i can fix it.i tried by APIM RESET & IPC RESET & MASTER RESET nothing happened.please help

Try set clock time to gps time or if that don’t work try to manually change it to your desired time, hope this helped.

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Stereo Extended Play (EP) Stereo Extended Play Time (EPT) Clock Master (CM) 10 Minute Clock (MC) CAN Steering Wheel Control Switches (SWC)


you likely need to change the “Clock Master”

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thank you for your responding

thank you so much for your responding

So was the issue resolved? What fixed it?.

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Not yet because im in duty now when i go back to home i will try it to fix it.