Error trying to do 3 to 3.4 upgrade

I have been trying to install the sync 3.4 upgrade to my Lincoln MKC. It all seems to proceed OK for about 35 minutes then this error screen comes up

What can I do

Car is non navigation and you are trying to install maps, or car is from NA and you are trying to install EU maps.

Assuming you used Syn3 Updater provide your log file.

This is the version screen before I started

I’ll down load the log onto a pc and put that up soon

Looking through my log files no one on build 2.2.16280 has tried to update to latest CHINA maps, you can not install NA or EU maps on a non NA or EU APIM, reinstall selecting China for the maps!

I know someone who had a very similar car with the same China maps who managed to use your upgrade to change to EU maps and sync 3.4

This wont let me post attachment so I cant upload the log

Assuming this is a US import, the apim only has 32gb memory and 64gb is required. They have either reduced the amount of maps installed manually or replaced the apim with a 64gb module.

I see. Although this car is us import it was destined for China and has China maps in it

I provide cut down packages for £15 GBP which allow part of EU or NA Maps on smaller APIM’s

Interesting, if you’re happy to PM me your vin I’ll take a look into what apim you have

That would be great the vin is on the screen shot in this thread

Ok ill order a cut down version should I order region China or EU with UK maps.

What maps are you wanting? UK?

Yes I need uk maps please

Region doesn’t matter much on the order just make sure you specify you want UK maps and what ever language you need.

Hello all.

Can you help me reformat my '18 Lincoln MKX from CN 3.0.19205 to the latest EU 3.4? I know the APIM for CN is smaller in size (32GB instead of required 64GB), so I would settle for fewer maps.


I hope this reduced maps download will work in my MKC which I think has a 32gb apim. Ill let you know if it works.

I was going to buy your cut down navigation package today but the link does not work now.

Shop is currently down while I redesign the shop. It will be back soon

Thanks for providing the cut down maps version of the update. It all worked great and I now have UK maps. The only slight hicup is the voice prompts are in German not English.
Is that easy to correct. ???