Escape/C-Max 4" to 8" 'OEM' upgrade path?

Title is probably a bit cryptic, but here it goes in more detail: I know the existing info on moving from 4" to 8" Sync units involves hacking up of the inside of the dash. Are there any paths to not having to hack things up and just replace parts or will that essentially require replacing the ENTIRE dash?

Found out that my mother’s current car has to go soon and we’re doing some car searching. I’m trying to steer her towards Ford’s since I’m more keenly aware of most of their quirks and things to watch out for and I’ve been really happy with my C-Max. So I’m trying to see if we can get her into one of those or maybe a 2WD Escape (avoiding the known PTU issues Ford has) but a lot of the cheaper options have the 4" Sync units and I’d love to have the option to potentially upgrade if we go down that path.

This looks like a whole lot of fun…!
Converting a Base Ford Escape, Kuga, or C-MAX to Sync 3 – NaviUpgrade

Yep. That’s the resource I’ve been looking at so far regarding that upgrade. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing though if @NaviUpgrade hasn’t found a less ‘hacky’ path (ie: Not requiring trimming of the plastic and using the fabricated brackets to mount the APIM+screen), it’s probably not easily doable. I’m guessing it’s probably all integral into the entire upper dash. That’s why I was curious if maybe anyone else had any better news on that front.

It’s that or replace the entire dash…as far as I have seen for the C-Max.

The screen will physically not fit without having to cut the plastics inside