Explanation of each Syn3 Updater tab

About Tab

After viewing the changelog this is the first tab you will see when starting Syn3 Updater for the first time.

It’s a basic tab showing you a few buttons to take you directly to various webpages.

Before you can leave this tab you will need to read and accept the disclaimer at the bottom.

Home Tab

This is the main tab of Syn3 Updater, here you configure what you want to install, below you can find detailed information about each section of this tab.

Current Configuration

Here you can see a quick overview of your current "Car Configuration"

  • Sync Version
  • Region
  • Navigation Variant
  • Download Path

Select A USB Drive or Directory

This is where you select a USB Drive, you can also select a Directory instead however note that if you later move this to a USB stick you need to ensure your USB is formatted correctly.

If your USB drive is not showing click the refresh button, if after refreshing it's still not showing please contact CyanLabs.

New Version

This is where you can select your desired Region (If you change your Region you may need to update your AsBuilt), Version and Map Version.

You can click the "?" to see more information about which languages and maps are in in which region.

Select Packages

Once you have selected the above options in "New Version" you will see the following section

Usually you will want to keep all of these selected, however you can unselect some if you prefer for whatever reason.


Right at the bottom of the tab you will see the following

  • InstallMode
  • Forced: Yes/No - If you have overridden the InstallMode this will show as Yes
  • MY20 Protection - Enabled, Disabled or Auto-Detect

Utility Tab

On this tab you can find many advanced options that can be useful for various reasons.

Troubleshooting Steps

In here there is a button, clicking it will take you to more details on these steps

Select A USB Drive

This is where you select a USB Drive,

If your USB drive is not showing click the refresh button, if after refreshing it's still not showing please contact CyanLabs.

There is also a "Upload Log" button, you can use this to upload a previously saved log.txt file.

Create Interrogator Log USB

This utility does not change your SYNC operating system in any way, its an official ford tool used for gathering information on your SYNC unit.

During basic usage you will be asked if you have a MY20+ APIM, if you say yes or that you are not sure you will be automatically guided through the below process before being able to continue

This function is pretty sweet and probably one of the best new features of Syn3 Updater 2.0. This allows you to prepare a USB drive like mentioned previously on our forum by F150 Chief, simply select a USB drive and press the "Prepare Drive" button.

Once done insert the USB drive in to your car, wait for installation complete and remove the USB drive.

Reinsert the USB drive in to your computer and click the second button "Open Interrogator Log", select the newly created XML file located on your USB drive, called Sync_XXXXXXXX_VIN.xml. 

Once you have selected this file, it will automatically be parsed and you should see it's output to the right, before this you may be asked if you want to update your "Current SYNC Version", this can help prevent potential wrong versions entered in your settings.

Below the buttons after it has parsed the file you will see the following information

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • SYNC APP Version
  • APIM Model
  • APIM Type (Nav/Non-Nav)
  • APIM Size (8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB)
  • APIM Free Space
  • AsBuilt Information
  • The log date

This is Ford / UCDS formatted so it may look slightly different to ForScan, luckily we thought of this. Click "View Detailed AsBuilt" and you will be taken to a webpage to view your decoded AsBuilt showing exactly what values you have set.

Create Special USB

Here you can create a USB drive to remove Gracenotes, replace your voice package with a smaller package or create a downgrade USB (without reformat)

Why would you want any of these? Simple, sometimes when trying to upgrade you may get a MEM_ERR03 which basically means you don't have enough space to upgrade the package. as mentioned in The different "Install Modes" a Autoinstall requires you to have enough space to unpack the file before it will install.

If you have a MEM_ERR you should follow Failure to Update to Newer Version Sync 3.4 created by our moderator, F150Chief on the forum. that guide covers why you would want to do each of these but instead of creating the USB's manually simply click the relevant "Prepare USB" button and follow the on screen prompts.

Most people have success by just removing Gracenotes but sometimes you need a smaller voice package and in rare cases you will need to downgrade to 3.3 which is smaller than 3.4 before being able to upgrade to a newer build of 3.4

Downloads Tab

Here on the Download tab you will see what Syn3 Updater is currently downloading, copying or validating along with a progress bar.

A log at the bottom gives detailed information on what is going on.

There isn’t much more to say about this page, you can also cancel the download with the Cancel button.

Profiles Tab

New to v2.7+ is the Profiles tab, here you can switch between profiles, create new profiles and delete profiles.

You can always see what profile you have active by looking at the title bar of Syn3 Updater.

This page is a WIP and the Profiles section will have additional things coming to it soon!

Logs Tab

New in Syn3 Updater v2.7+ is the Logs tab.

Here you can view all your logs aswell as delete individual or multiple log files and open the save Log folder.

More features to come in the future.

News Tab

Here on the News tab you can see all current Important Notices aswell as less important notices.

Below the notices you will see a live Changelog pulled from our GitHub repo.

Settings Tab

The settings tab is a extremely important tab, here you configure the application, detailed information on each setting can be found below.

Car Configuration

These settings are profile based and can be different for each profile

Here you must enter your current car configuration, entering this wrong will cause you issues.

Setting Default Value Comments
Full Version N/A

Enter they full version number of your current SYNC version.
As of Syn3 Updater v2.9.0 you can type and it will auto suggest your version!

Region N/A

Select your current SYNC region, (EU, NA, CN, ANZ, SA, ROW).

Navigation False

Select whether you have navigation/maps on your SYNC unit.

Ensure you enter these settings correctly, entering wrong information here will cause you issues, Syn3 Updater automatically determines the best install mode based on your current version, region 


These settings are application based and are not changeable per profile.

Here you can set your preferred paths for downloads and log files.

Setting Default Value Comments
Download Location System Downloads Path

Select where you want to download the sync files, do not use your destination drive as the download path.

Log Location Local AppData

Select where you want the log files to save.

Application Options

These settings are application based and are not changeable per profile.

Here you can change the language Syn3 Updater will use, change between Dark and Light mode update to Beta or Alpha and enter a license key for paid features.

Setting Default Value Comments
Language System Language

Select the language of Syn3 Updater

Theme System Theme

Select to use Dark or Light mode on Syn3 Updater

Download Connections 8

How many threads to use when downloading files, the default of 8 is suitable in most cases but if you experience issues downloading you may need to lower this, especially for poor connections

License Key N/A

Enter a license key if you have purchased a cutdown map package

Release Branch Stable

Switch between Syn3 Updater branches (Stable, Beta and Alpha)

Advanced Options

These settings are profile based and can be different for each profile

Once you check the "Edit Advanced Options" toggle you will be able to tweak advanced settings, despite what many YouTube videos say you do not need to change the installmode!

Setting Default Value Comments
Edit Advanced Options False

Enable the below settings

Toggle MY20 Protection Auto-Detect

Manually enable/disable MY20 protection for 2020+ APIMS, setting it to the 3rd state will revert to Auto-Detect

Install Mode Auto-Detect

Leave this on Auto-Detect unless you know better, you most likely do not, even if YouTube says you should change it

once you have configured all your settings, simply press "Apply" or leave the tab to save your settings.

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