Exporting favourites before updating sync

Just wondering if there is a way to export sat nav favourites before updating sync3 and then import them again once it’s done?

You will not need to save the radio favbporites as they are stored in the ACM, not APIM (Sync unit).
The NAV favorites will not be affected if you update using autoinstall, like just updating the Sync 3.4 version from one to another. If you reformat, all data is wiped from the Sync unit.

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Ok, thanks :+1:

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In the case of doing master resets it will definitely wipe all this stuff obviously. I’m not aware of any factory way to back this stuff up and also haven’t seen any JB options though that’s not a topic for this forum.

That said from a personal perspective I’d love the option, especially with all the tinkering I usually do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take a pic on my phone of the settings and then just enter them back in.

LOL, thats what I do to, if I can remember.

Yeah, it’s still a bit annoying though. I still use the factory nav on occasion and like to keep some frequent addresses saved and ready to go. It definitely gets to be a chore when playing with tweaks and doing the necessary master reset for some of them.

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