Fitting a used APIM with DAB to a NON DAB Headunit

My current APIM from a 19MY Lincoln is a 32G, EU Nav, EU country code [ changed from CN ], non DAB unit [ KU5T-14G371-DDF ]

I have sourced a used APIM from a UK registered 2018 Ford Fiesta, 64G, EU NAV, EU country code, DAB fitted [presumably] [KU5T-14G371-GDE ] .

Opinions please as to whether this unit would be compatible for a replacement ? and even if it is, I have no idea if my car is even fitted with a DAB antenna, would the AM/FM antenna recieve DAB ?

I’m just seeing if it’s feasible or whether it’s not worth the bother just to get DAB on Sync 3.


The APIM is agnostic to DAB, it does not care. The asbuilt setting either enables it for the APIM or not. The Radio (ACM) must be a DAB model.

DAB is fitted in the ACM. If the APIM shows DAB available in “audio sources” and your ACM is NON-DAB…you wont be able to listen to DAB stations…

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