Fix Slow Performance HP MicroServer

Hey guys so after nearly 2 months trying to figure out this slow performance issue with network transfer on pretty much every operating system other than windows and Synology DSM, I finally figured out the issue, The best bit is it literally takes like one second to fix. All you got to do is go in to the BIOS and change one setting, Change “use drive write cache” to “enable” and then reboot your system and your done.

I’m glad i finally figured out the issue as this has been bugging me for weeks if not months.

Is this the n36 or 54l out of interest?

It was for my N54L , dumped my to here so this isn’t a new tip but something that caused me massive hassle back in the day :smiley:

I also realise it’s not technically windows but i didn’t wanna make a new category for just this post lol

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It’s very timely as I’m resurrecting mine soon as a backup server!

i don’t even know where mine went, i can only imagine i sold it on ebay or something but don’t actually know for sure.

I got rid of my n36l years ago but still have the n54l. Nothing wrong with it for storage, just useless for transcoding etc

nah it’s not 10gbit :wink: