Focus 4" to 8" Sync 3 rear park aid issue

Some time ago I converted my focus from the 4" screen to 8" sync 3. It has factory rear backup camera and sensors and since I’ve upgraded I had no vehicle icon on the backup camera screen and get no beeps when getting close to objects. I’ve since got the vehicle icon by setting PDC 7D0-01-01 to B which i figured i would have needed to set to A but the screen was really dim on A. I then got the lines set now by enabling the 7D0-04-02: xx**-xx to 01 for 4 rear sensors but I’m still missing the sound when the lines light up and I’m getting close to objects. Any thoughts on this issue?

There is a sound routing option that sends it to the IPC or the ACM. Make sure its on the IPC. Since you don’t have your vehicle info on your profile, I can’t tell you which one you should have but odds are its the IPC.

I see you deleted your last question after I answered it. Don’t do this as it keeps that info being out there to help others. If you figure this one out please leave it.

Sorry, I didn’t see a response on my other post nor did I get a notification one was posted so I deleted it and moved it to this section as I wasn’t sure if I posted in the correct category. Vehicle is a 2016 Ford Focus

@bill32399 any idea what the option is called? I’m not seeing anything.

I am not real familiar with the Focus. Cant remember the module.

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