Ford Escape 2020 maps update

Hello, i have Ford Escape 2020 USA with USA maps and sync version 3.4 21134 with map 2 20. Serial number of sync: W0A7B342

I would like to install maps for Europe. I suspect sync unit can be MY20, will I be able to safely install maps for Europe?

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Nop, you won’t. Unless, not as safely or easily as using Syn3updater.

MY20 can’t be reformatted, which is needed to remove the old NA maps.
Also, NA APIMs are 32GB, EU are 64GB, so you will have to install some cutdown maps (which can be done). Also, you would need to reprogram the APIM, since you are changing regions (Cyanlabs does not support this, but you will find relevant information on the forums).

Having said that, you can look into jailbreaking your unit so that you could remove all NA MAPS without reformatting. That way you should be able to free up enough space to proceed.

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I already used forscan to change region of apim so it plays European radio stations.
So now i need to jailbreak it to enable removing NA maps and then upload EU maps downloaded and cut down from cyanlabs?

Basically, yes. But there’s another catch.
You may not be able to use Syn3updater due to ESN lock on the maps.
ESN lock prevents autoinstalling maps, they require a reformat (which you can’t do).

Actually, nevermind…I think latest EU maps are NOT ESN locked, so you should be good to go…