Ford Pass remote engine start

Recently I changed the TCU USA module in my Edge ST 2019 to the European version.
I bought a new TCU, catalog number KT1T-14G087-EP, after trying, I was able to code and pair the application with the car. However, I have two problems:

  1. Remote engine start from the app does not work. the “START” icon is active, but displays an error when starting. From the key, the engine start works. I suppose it’s a problem in coding the new TCU, but where, which block?
  2. He gives me the wrong location, he locates the car in the same place in the USA all the time.

Do you have any idea?

The current location of the car has been in Europe for over a year. It still lists the USA in the Application

See your messages, I sent you some info.


Btw Thank you for the help with my EU Nav I was able to fix the navigation with some countries, my question is also FordPass mine say is connected to the car but I can’t update the car or get any info from the truck since I moved to Portugal ,I also got the Fordpass for the UK version but still no luck on see the car info , on my location I click on the map and I see the exact location on Portugal . Thank You u all for your help F150 2019

I understand well that you changed the original TCU USA to new TCU UK?
I need more data. Send the file from the encoding of the TCU module, maybe something will help.

No I never changed the module just the app from the us to UK app of fordPass and changed the country using Fordscan,But the apim still a US module with a AT&t embed modem .Thank You

I hope is that u talking about?

You will need to change the module to a EU model.

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