Fordpass Guard mode

I dont have any of the ford guard mode features visible on my forpass app for my 2019 Ford Tourneo Custom and im thinking it may be related to sync or the modem needing an update.

Long story short I have not updated ford Sync to the latest version 3.4 basically because it changed the dark theme which I loved to blue instead of black??? Basically made the system look cheap so I rolled it back to 3.3 using cyanlabs.

Does anyone have any ideas/fixes?

Greatly appreciated.

Take care,


Did you have it before you changed?
I have it on my car and i find it more of a nuisance then anything else.
All it does is send an alert to my phone every time i unlock the door on the car (I know it’s unlocked, I opened it!!!)

I haven’t had guard mode on mine ever. Until today when it just appeared as an option in my Ford Pass Pro app. (iOS 14.4.2/Ford Pass Pro 1.20.5). The only thing I can think of is that my modem was updated over home Wi-Fi.

No ive never had it. Just wondering if theres a way to get it without the horrible blue dark theme.

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