FORScan 2.3.39 Released

New version: FORScan 2.3.39

FORScan for Windows v2.3.39

Release Notes:

2.3.39 beta, 2021-03-16

  • Vehicle database update
  • Many new configuration parameters for different modules and models
  • Configuration and programming function ABS “Module initialization/relearn from Central Configuration” for:
  • Escape 2019 model year
  • Mazda 2/Demio 2007-2014 model years
  • Configuration and Programming function “Transmission Characterization Update” for:
  • Edge 2007-2012 model years
  • Escape (except HEV) 2009-2012 model years
  • Expedition/EL 2012 model years
  • Explorer 2011-2012 model years
  • F-150 2010-2012 model years
  • Flex 2009-2012 model years
  • F-Series 2011-2012 model years
  • Fusion (except HEV) 2010-2012 model years
  • Mustang 2011-2013 model years
  • Ranger 2011 model year
  • Taurus 2008-2012 model years
  • Taurus X 3.5 4V 2012 model year
  • Territory 2.7 DI TC 2011-2012 model years
  • Lincoln MKS 2009-2012 model years
  • Lincoln MKT 2010-2012 model years
  • Lincoln MKX 2007-2012 model years
  • Lincoln Navigator/L 2012 model year
  • Mercury Milan (except HEV) 2010-2011 model years
  • Mercury Sable 3.5 4V 2012 model year
  • Service function VDM “Ride Height Calibration” for the following models with pneumatic suspension:
  • Expedition 2015-2017 model years
  • F-150 2018-2020 model years
  • Fusion 2017-2020 model years
  • Mondeo (China) 2018 model year
  • Lincoln Continental 2017-2020 model years
  • Lincoln MKC 2013-2019 model years
  • Lincoln MKS 2013-2016 model years
  • Lincoln MKS 2013-2019 model years
  • Lincoln MKX / Nautilus 2016-2020 model years
  • Lincoln MKZ 2013-2020 model years
  • Lincoln Navigator 2015-2017 model years
  • Service function PCM “Reset the Exhaust Gas Temperature Learned Value” for:
  • Transit 2.2 TDCi StgVI 2014 model year
  • Service functions for ABS/ESP module: “Calibrate Lateral Acceleration Sensor”, “Calibrate Pressure Sensor” for:
  • Mazda 2/Demio 2007-2014
  • Service function ABS “ABS Service Bleed” for:
  • Focus Mk4 2019 model year, all versions except ST!
  • Service procedures PCM “Reset All Adaptations”, “Reset Engine Oil Deterioration Learned Value”, “Reset Fuel Pump Adaptation”, “Reset Fuel Injector Adaptation”, “Reset MAF Sensor Adaptation”, “Reset O2 Sensor Adaptation”, “Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values”, “Reset Fuel Sediment Drain Counter” for:
  • Mazda CX3 1.5 S5 Skyactiv
  • missing on-demand self tests for some modules of Focus Mk4
  • graphics improvement and user interface optimization for high DPI monitors
  • improvement in service function “Rmode Rebalance” (to prevent leaving from the Rmode in some cases) for:
  • Escape /Tribute / Mariner Hybrid 2005-2012 model year
  • improvements in service function “Enable Passenger Airbag Deactivation switch” for Fiesta 2008-2013 model years: function is bidirectional now and can not only enable, but also disable PAD. Also, function has been moved from Service to Configuration and Programming section
  • improved support for 2021MY models (E-Series, Ranger, Mach-E, some Mazda-3/CX-30)
  • improvement in Central Configuration function: if configuration address cannot be loaded from the module (ex. if module is bricked), a database value will be used
  • bug not appearing PCM Configuration and Programming function “Transmission Characterization Update” on some cars with 10R80 transmission
  • visual bug: incorrect displaying multiline lists (Vehicle->Log, Vehicle->Profiles etc) after main window resizing