FORScan 2.3.46 Released 2022-02-07

FORScan 2.3.46 Released 2022-02-07
2.3.46 release, 2022-02-07 (download)

Release notes:

Added feature

  • New configuration parameters for different modules and models
  • Configuration and Programming function IPC “Odometer write” (can only increase mileage!) for:
    F-150 2021 model year
  • Configuration and Programming function “Transmission Characterization Update” for:
    Bronco Sport Ecoboost 2021-2022 model years
  • Service functions PCM “Clear Transmission Adaptive Tables” for:
    Bronco Sport Ecoboost 2021-2022 model years
  • Service function PCM “Low Pressure Fuel System Prime” for:
    Edge 2.0 TDCi 2016+ model year
  • Service function PCM “Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction”, “Reset all adaptations” for
    Mondeo Mk5 2.0 Ecoboost Stg V 2015+ model year
  • Service function RCM “Crash Flag Reset” for Focus Mk3.5 RS
  • Service function CCM “Calibrate Cruise Control Sensors” for:
    Focus Mk3 2011 model year
    Galaxy/S-Max 2006/2010 model years
    Mondeo Mk4 2007/2011 model years
    Transit 2012/2014/2017 model years
  • Service functions PSCM “Enable Pull Drift Compensation”, “Disable Pull Drift Compensation” for:
    C-Max 2011 model year
    Focus Mk3/Mk3.5 2011/2015 model year
  • Support Mazda Japan VIN (10 characters) in the “Load factory AB” sub-function of the Module Configuration (As Built format) function
  • HSWM support for F-150 (P415) 2012-2014 model years

Improved/changed feature

  • improved support for 2021MY (Bronco Sport) and 2022MY models (Bronco Sport, Edge, Escape, Mach-E, Ranger, Lincoln Corsair)
  • fix in Service function PCM “Reset oil change indicator” for Ranger 2.0 TDCi 2018+ model years: if PCM doesn’t support this service function and requires manual reset, FORScan will provide relevant information on how to complete the procedure instead of displaying error message

Bug fixed/removed feature

  • incorrect VID block checksum calculation for F-Series (P473 Platform) 6.7 Powerstroke 2011-2016 model years
  • incrorrect “negative” timestamps in some freeze frames