From Canada sync 3.4.20196 with F9 Maps

I wasn’t sure where the appropriate place to ask this question. I was going to update my maps, I have a MY21 F-350 so I understand that the CI Updater is required.

when you select your region in my case North America, USA/Canada I have 2 options of map updates 1.19 and 2.20

If I go into my Sync info in the truck it actually shows F9 maps…? that looks like it would be a Map package if you selected Europe as a region (F9 or F10 maps)

does anyone know why I would have F9 Maps on my Truck…?

That’s very strange. What else is weird is a new MY21 vehicle coming with SYNC 3.4.19196. This is a new vehicle that you purchased in Canada?

If so, take it back to the dealership and ask them to load NA maps for you.

P.S. Do the maps work for your local area?

I’m sorry, but I do not understand your question or issue.
Can you be clearer?. It’s odd to see a MY21 with F9 maps, but it depends when the car was made.

From what I understand, they purchased a new MY21 F350 in Canada and it came loaded with a very old build of SYNC and European maps.

@jtrudel90 is this correct?

yes this is correct, I ordered the truck back in December and just got it a week ago it had 6KM on it when I got it. the Sync is 3.4 20196. and just below the sync version it says F9 Maps.

when I drive around it shows my location fine, displays road names and Sirius travel link works fine, PIO Gas stations Ect look good. even shows the price of gas/fuel at the stations close to your location.

I got acquainted with CyanLabs being on a Hut for the USB skipping 2 Songs and sat radio presets not working correctly.

the truck was purchased at a local dealer here in Southern Ontario

when I went on the Ford website and physically input my VIN it says that my truck is up to date with the latest sync software.

Oh, so all seems ok with the car, but syn3 is older than it should.
I’d contact the dealer, since it’s quite odd to have a 2021 car with a system from 2019 (3.4.19xxx means 2019).

Do you have a manufacture date for the truck?.
You can call Ford and the will inform that with the VIN.

If the truck was manufactured in 2019, then it’s not MY21.
If it’s more recent, then I think Sync3 should be newer…
Or maybe Ford is not taking care of their customers by releasing older versions on a new car.

Date code on the door jamb where the Vin is says 04/21

There should definitely be a SYNC update for that vehicle. I can confirm the MY if you DM me your VIN. Perhaps the APIM was replaced at some point.

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Agreed, this is strange.
Having the SYNC unit replaced is also a possibility, I really wonder why would they use an old unit on a new vehicle… You could run the interrogator tool to find out more about the APIM →

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Sorry to all I was mistaken the sync is 3.4 20196 … I did have it right in another thread that I was inquiring about. But I did check and the maps are F9

My wife has a 2020 explorer hers is 3.4 19191 and maps are 1.19

Run the APIM Interrogator Tool in the SYN3 Updater, under the tools tab, and post the results here. This could be an export vehicle…take a pic of the 'About Sync" screen.

There is no such version as 19191…

Get your versions sorted out…
Then, proceed to update if that’s what you want, since none of the vehicles are MY20 or later (or with newer components), you can do that with reformat, or via autoinstall with CI version of the tool… Or you can check Ford’s site to see which version is available.

Besides that, is there any other reason you would like to leave this thread open?.

No your right it’s 20191 close the thread… I tried to edit the title.

Sorry for the confusion

No worries, I know what you meant :slightly_smiling_face:

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