Gps ( nav )

I have updated for Sync 3.4 22110 maps version (2.2021 ANZ)
When I digit in to search the name of the street address in the nav ( gps) , some street not is found.
Why It happen ? I make master reset one time.

Do not spam the same question in multiple places.

If there’s no answer it’s is because no one has anything to say or maybe because people are doing some thing called “living a life” ( that may include working ) and didn’t even saw your message yet.

I’ve deleted your message, consider yourself warned.

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Sorry !

Hi, no problem.

You didn’t provide any information other than the opening message.
So gather and post the following:

  • log for the upgrade USB you used
  • create an interrogator log and post the results here (redact the VIN if you care about it)

This way we will see which packages are installed on the unit, and which method did you use.
Also, MAP upgrades sometimes require the Sync3 unit to perform some post-processing, so if you just upgraded it, let it be for a few days to see if that starts working.

I am from Brazil.Then I will wait some days for to see starts to work.Because i upgraded few days.

Thank you for your help !

If you upgraded a few days ago, that should not be an issue… (although it depends on how much time the car was running)

Gather the logs and post them here so that I can review them.


I’m closing this thread assuming assistance is no longer required since you didn’t provide the requested information and we didn’t hear back from you in over 4 days.

Take care.