Hello.error 1u5t14g658af

What is your SYNC Region?

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Do you have Navigation?

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

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Hello. I have a Ford escape 2017 1.5 se from the USA without Navi.
Uploaded sync3 version without Navi I had 3.4 19.200. I wanted to update to the latest version but … Every time now I get a 1u5t14g658af error on the tip itself.
Even if I download the previous version 3.419200 the same error pops up only the last two letters are aa. Anyone can advise me? How to deal with this?

I am not sure how you are getting an error on package 1U5T-14G658 if you are from the USA. That package is for enhanced DAB which is only available in Europe and ROW regions.

If you are using the Syn3Updater app, you likely configured it wrong. Please post your log file as requested.

EDIT: Are you in the EU with an imported car?

The NA cars will not get ENH-DAB, don’t bother.

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Yes, I am from the EU. My car is imported from the USA

I will add a photo when I have a program set. And what he wants to download.

Is there a question here or is this just information?

From my computer. And your program. Only in Polish

Do not install the 1U5T-14G658-AF file.

Using the Syn3 Updater, open the tools menu, and run the Interrogator tool on your vehicle and post the log here.

I deleted this file. I will try to upload.

I solved this problem. The installation finally went through successfully
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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