Help USB Installation in Progress Keeps appearing on start up

i have used full 3.4 F9 wipe and install but the info window appears each time the unit boots saying " usb installation in progress" with a close window box. im not sure is this a bit set somewhere in firmware that flags this. Does antone know of an easy fix?

sounds like you installed with fat32 not exfat? have you master reset?

Hi . install was via downloader tool, exFAT, the issue was present before full wipe and reformat tool and surprisingly was still present after install. i honestly think their must be memory flagged in main motherboard Not emmc daughterboard with maps. ive had it befor with another module and had to reinstall maps over the top again and it went away.Im curious to know if easier fix.Maybe Russians have sussed it

Some people say it’s due to installing the map license via the reformat tool but personally I’ve not seen any evidence to back this.

thanks , im interested in the video playback software and qnx mods but can the emmc reader be easily bought with a direct plug in interface to sync 3 daughter board as per russians are doing as im thinking of buying from you thanks

This is mentioned on the site. It is caused by a failed or incomplete install of an upgrade. It sets a flag (like you said) that is not reset by the reformat and install in that method. It can be cleared by performing a conventional installation of software.

i’ve had it show multiple times but a master reset has always fixed it for me. guess that doesn’t always work lol

I’ve got the same issue showing the USB installation dialogue box. Long story short I don’t still have the official Ford update and I can’t redownload from the Ford site. If I use your tools to update my Sync 3 to 3.X (whichever one is most stable) along with F9 maps will it stop the USB installing dialogue, or do I need to somehow source the official F9 maps update?

What Sync version are you on now?

I’m on 3.0 , updated it to that from the Ford site a couple of weeks ago.

Is that when you started getting the message?

No, started getting the message after updating to F9 maps. System said the update was complete and to remove the USB etc etc. Anyway, like a Muppet I deleted the files from the USB and can’t redownload them from Ford.

Who’s F9? our F9 isn’t compatible with 3.0.

Incomplete map update. Normally you would have to reinstall the map update. You can look here to find the maps you need to reinstall:

Or you could update to 3.4 with the new F9 maps.

Right, they would be JR3T series? I’m not that familiar with the EU maps.
The latest 3.0 maps I can find are F7:
JR3T-14G421-BC 13.8Gb Sync3 v3.0.18010 EU.1.17 (16.11.2017, F7.

The maps were directly from the Ford site…and they’re no help at all!

Looks like I’m gonna install using your tools, just got to find out which version is least buggy. My wife doesn’t like it when I mess around (her words) with stuff like this.

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20196 imo is the best version right now

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3.4.20196 is pretty stable, had a few bugs fixed. I think the consensus here is 3.4.19200 is the most stable, and will allow you to upgrade later to the newer releases.

And Cyan beat me to it…thanks.

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