Help voices and maps by region

Me pueden ayudar a identificar los archivos de voz y mapas para actualizar de 3.0 a 3.4 mi sync.
Quiero saber los archivos para region NA, voz para mexico y mapas para mexico, gracias.

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They can help me to identify the voice files and maps to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.4 my sync.
I want to know the files for NA region, voice for Mexico and maps for Mexico, thank you.

Use the Syn3 Updater and choose NA 1.19 maps. Voice file is also the North America file, which will be chosen when you select NA as the region for the upgrade. Once the upgrade is done, change the language on the system in the Settings menu.

Could you help me! I get this error

Either an error on the usb or file. Use another usb drive.

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