I Frozen During Modification without A Climate Control System

I’m here again: I hope my return is indeed a reason for you to smile.
Remember, laughter is the best medicine!!!

My Lovely, 2015 Ford Explorer:

I’m having trouble with my car’s heating and cooling system; it won’t blow any air, and the temperature controls aren’t responding and this issue has been going on since March. This specific timeline can be helpful for you.

I saw my old thread, and it was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing…I loved it…Anyway, I noticed that I’ve been struggling with my car’s air conditioning system, since March.
I really don’t remember what I did, and I froze everything.

I have two things in my mind. I upgraded Sync 3.0 to 3.4 via CyanLabs on YouTube before I signed up here. But I don’t think it’s related to climate control, you know this better.
on March, I had the 2.4. beta version and I think, I’m not sure, firmware update. because I had some problems, and I remember, I asked Bill about it, but maybe, I did and then I asked him.
or on Forscan I messed up the numbers on the Module configuration (AS BUILT format)

I hope you’ll believe me this time, but if not, I’ll share the polygraph results with you.
I’m trying not to lose my sense of humor.

i m just making lighthearted and experimental comments with one person or, maximum, two, and that doesn’t mean I’ll extend the same treatment to everyone, as you can see!!!

And please, if at some point it’s unclear, you can ask me, and I’ll be happy to explain, instead of misunderstandings happening again and taking me to the track you want.

All my topic is like a piece of a puzzle, where all the pieces should fall into place.
Every single word is important, just needs a little bit time.

I should start with my mission!!!
I should have make modifications on my vehicle. not on my mind.
what I mean, sometimes our attempts to change or fix something can have unexpected consequences, and we end up being changed by the experience instead!

you can’t imagine what I have drawn!!!
(Jacqueline’s Troubleshoot)

  • I thought the problem was the HVAC climate module, so I changed it. Result: I have 3, but nothing’s changed!

  • On Forscan, during Module confirmation, I mixed everything up. Result: 41 error codes.

  • I visited my mechanic, and they had a reason for not wanting to touch my vehicle. I’ve known this for a long time, but I tried again. Result… the effort sucks.

  • I thought the problem was pcm fault code P0480- fan 1 Control
    Circuit causing the fan to malfunction. At first, it was very difficult to fix, but in the end, it was surprisingly simple - just a faulty relay…now at this point, my mechanic tried to trick me, but ended up doing the opposite. Because all I did was hang on his every word

  • I thought the problem was the instrument cluster, result… I have 2 extra, but nothing.

  • I reverted all modules to their original OEM configuration and loaded them with the as-built module data, result, again nothing.

  • I loaded from different cars As Built data, result, zero.

  • On my last thread, I suspected a strange sound might be related to the climate control system. You helped me identify the source, I cleaned it, and the result…

“I hurt the one person who has been helping me since day one, and in return, i repaid their kindness with hurt. this sentence is a powerful acknowledgement of my actions, and it takes a lot of courage to admit when we’ve hurt someone who has been there for us.”
that’s why I say I deserve something much worse.

i’m feeling overwhelmed from all directions. i’m responsible for finishing the execution. I have a serious personal mission to carry out, and they are pushing me from all sides. i’d prefer not to go into details.

Merci beaucoup!!!

I recall someone popped up and said you have an incompatible FCIM, it’s the wrong generation for your car and will never work.


could you please enlighten me about FCIM? i don’t know what it stands for and would greatly appreciate an explanation

Go back and read the detailed explanation you’ve already been given in your previous thread.

FCIM Front Control Interface Module

This one you mean?

Is my mind that chaotic?

Aww, CyanLabs, thanks a lot, that was really kind, and you sweetened me. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

These I have now!strong text

You know, I moved your last topic cause it wasn’t a guide. Now we have another. Use the correct forums or you’ll post will be deleted.

/Moved from Guides to Discussion as this is not a guide… Again!

Thanks for moving my post! i thought “a guide” meant a step-by-step guide that shows you how to do something. I’ll try my best! Sorry for the mistake! i’m just a novice. Thank you for comprehension.

(I saw you changed the plug to the newer CGEA1.3 plug that goes to the Control panel.)
My answer to that is NO I haven’t changed it. Yes, I tried to compare the colors and searched online a long time ago, then I gave up. But I have a plan later to change it, and I need your help, but let’s first finishing with this problem.

(I also saw in the another pic you were using a control panel from a 2018 Explorer.)
Again, my answer to that’s NO, I’m not using a control panel from a 2018 Explorer.
Yes, I changed, I tried so many, now I have 3 modules Climate Control Panel Bezel,
and with the OEM are 4 they’re my friends now.
I KNOW, I KNOW it’s not smart.

I didn’t change these because the HVAC didn’t works. NO, I had a problems with the volume, and the steering buttons. I know this it’s not smart too, because, I searched online and I fixed it.

I allow you to laugh with me…Guys I’m laughing to myself a lot.

Now my questions:
(You cannot use this panel and it will not work with your HVAC module)

1- If I use different HVAC module it will work?

2- if I returns all the parts OEM and I load my default as-built configuration again, and again it will work?

(it will be stuck on hot air blowing a full blast)
3- is like my vehicle’s heating situation - it works for 5 minutes and then suddenly stops. The next day, it works for an hour and then stops again. Last Monday, it rained all day, and surprisingly, it worked perfectly for over 5 hours straight. Yes, it worked flawlessly that day, and I had the heat on while I was sitting in the car. But the next day, nothing - it refused to work again. I’m not exaggerating, I’m telling you the truth. I even have a video to prove it, but unfortunately, I got an error message when I tried to upload it.

I will do it tomorrow this.

Is a blend door and an actuator the same thing?

An Actuator or Blend Door Actuator, is a small electric motor in your vehicle that runs in forward and reverse motion to move the Blend Door/ Air Mix Door between fresh air and re-circulation modes, hot and cold air flow, and floor/defrost modes.

1st off, you are obviously not aware of the technical prowess of most of the forum staff so line 1 is pretty insulting, by trade i’m a Radio - TV - Electronics Mechanic and i’ve seen toys more complex than that.

  1. You are spamming the forum with pictures we don’t need to see, do you realise web storage costs money?

  2. Is that last line a veiled threat? I personally don’t give a crap if you go silent.

Re-think any future posts.


I don’t know what you are going on about but at this point you are spamming random crap all over the forum, posting pictures not related to anything, making weird comments, insulting inteligence of people and even making weird threats.

Either explain in a single post what your issue is and what you want from us, or if you just want a discussion about something then stop spamming multiple posts, there is a edit button for a reason.

I won’t reply to DM’s so don’t DM me asking for further information.

This is your last warning

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Initially, I request respect. However, your response has been even more offensive than my original statement. It appears that you are the one who is taking offense, not me.

You have consistently insulted me on multiple occasions, and I will not tolerate it anymore.

"I just don’t want to grow it or cause problems. Now you are insulting me, but the biggest thing that hurt me was from someone else here. And I pretended not to understand, because again I don’t want problems. I writing the people are not on the list, Not Not Not on the list Ok?
of course
and CyanLabs.
Check everything boss, and you will understand, and you Jack too check.

“I’m glad you’re giving me the opportunity to speak too.”

"Now Rollback_Jockey I wonder, what is it that you don’t understand? Am I writing in another language and I don’t realize it, or are you reading too quickly, or are you not paying attention to every word and drawing your own WRONG WRONG WRONG AND WRONG conclusions, over and over again. Jack, please don’t take this as an insult,

I am shocked with what you think.

please please, no one answer let me, I have to say everything and then. “Don’t worry, I will speak positively and politely.”

I just want to calm down and I will explain everything.

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“I didn’t threaten anyone, you are bigly wrong.”

this was specifically your response to me.

it’s like you’re answering this to me Jacqueline My Silence will be your Punishment.

Because, I posted, I asked and nobody answers…that’s I mean, because I had done wrong in the past and apologized.

I’m not finished!!!

please no one answer, until i finish. am don’t home, and i have go home.

I am going to get some more paracetimol… :neutral_face:


Now, I will talk about CyanLabs. I supported CyanLabs and paid three times with all my heart. But why? I’ll tell you: because I saw on YouTube that you were making updates to Sync 3.4, and I did; I was so happy. A long time ago, I tried to do this, but nothing happened. I visited the store, and someone asked for $2800 - yes!! - and I was shocked too. Then, I asked myself, “Jacqueline, why don’t you pay for donations? Because they are worth a lot.” Of course, yes, you deserve a lot, because you give people something free and tell them if they want to make donations. Please don’t take it as me saying it’s about the money; it’s not about the money. Let me clear this up. Then, I came and signed up. I have one very, very, very small complaint, though: nobody said, “Welcome, Jacqueline.” Knowing this is very important, it’s like joining a family.

I have a lot to tell you more, just wait.

I politely asked that no one answer; I don’t know if you know what “polite” means.

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Please let me finish, and when I tell you I’m done, you can make decisions, okay? and after write whatever you like.

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