I Frozen During Modification without A Climate Control System

Since then, I have considered you my friends, my family. I tried many times to get into another forum.

First of all, I had never given a donation in any forum, I had not registered on any forum, and I did not even know what a forum was.

When I met Jack, to tell the truth yes, I like him, and where so where it’s the problem? when he told me you don’t listen there it started all for me.
At first, I got angry and felt pissed off, wondering why I reacted that way.
I don’t expect anything; I just want to clarify.

Right there, in front of all of you, we talked most about cars, but also included some playful, light hearted banter.

I’m talking now, just sharing my thoughts, okay. I don’t have any idea about him.

I have a lot of respect for him because he has a unique quality that sets him apart. He’s the only one who thinks so intelligently, and I really admire his insights. Please don’t think I’m implying that others aren’t smart; I’m simply acknowledging his exceptional thinking abilities.

8 days ago, I saw that you had uploaded some folders containing programs and software and I didn’t recognize them. I admire all your work. I was really surprised to see them,
at the end he wrote (“You can’t win bro… I liked it his message.”)

And I tell you frankly, if he’s married, well, I don’t know anything about him—not even his name. His wife must be very happy and deeply admired by him.

I have more.

Sorry…but with respect you are in no position to request that no one makes comments regarding posts on a forum such as this.

If you do not want anyone to answer you why ask questions or make comments?

You cannot dictate when you are ready to receive comments on your posts and frankly your last post reads like a novel that is certainly er…interesting.
I cannot wait for the next chapter…

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This could have all been 1 or maybe 2 posts.

Also dont tell people what they can and can’t do

I have silenced you until June 1st, this means you can not post any replies until then. Me and the Mods have warned multiple times now to stop spamming.

It’s getting worse not better.

If you continue once unsilenced you will be perma banned.

PS: Being a supporter is always something i’ll be grateful for but it does not grant immunity to breaking the rules.

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After Jacqueline’s jailbreak, can I ask a question?

This’s humor.strong text CyanLabs.

Big Brother,
Of course you are absolutely right. I’m Sorry for that but, I couldn’t use a name. I was sure he would answer, and he did as you see. I knew his local time since he was the only one not on the list. He knew I would write about him on the end.

I was not reporting him and flagging his behavior. If you have all the evidence, it’s obvious that this situation could have been avoided if I had taken that step.
And worst of all, no one supported me.
and with that, I’m closing everything here.

Could you please direct me to where I can inquire about my account? I prefer to speak with a human representative, not a robot-discord Chat.

I’m behind with my car issues, I should hurry and I have a long way to go, that makes me happy.

If you would like, close this topic. THANK YOU!!!

If someone in here is misbehaving ADMIN need to be told.

What do you need to know?

This thread had become pointless and has no purpose. I am closing it. If you still need help then open a new thread with a specific purpose.