Illumination Strategy

Reading through the APIM AsBuilt database I came across the illumination meaning not known in
7D0-01-01: #X##-####-#### FNA or FoE.
My guess would be Ford North America and Ford of Europe. No idea what the difference is though :smiley:

Generally, this is the illumination strategy for the vehicle, how the lighting responds to environmental and human input. The laws are different for NA and EU, thus different strategies for each. That’s basically it in a nutshell…


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Thanks for the info. It seems strange that the MK4 Focus (mine included) is set to North America rather than Europe at that bit. I’m sure Ford have their reasons though.

It is a bit of a strange one, every mondeo is set to FNA too. By best guess is it is historical and related to FoE being for the old C1CMA platform or similar rather than US vs Europe.


You will see this more with the common vehicle platforms used across NA and EU with the adoption of the connected car architectures, kind of along the lines of the Tesla vehicles. The Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Hybrid models are examples of these, although fledgling examples at present.

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