Instruction to downgrade sync 3.4 and keep maps

Hi there . I have recently upgraded to sync 3.4 from 3.3. and do not like the new I terrace. I want to downgrade back to 3.3 BUT I want to keep the 3.4 maps. Can someone please point me to instructions here on how to do it. I know this question has been asked before , but I did not know where to look. I just need the direction or link please and thank you in advance.

Just configure Syn3Updater to reflect your current 3.4 version, then select the 3.3 one with “keep maps” option as the desired one.

It should set the install method as downgrade, and that’s it.

Super simple.

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So , yes you can do it. I followed what you said. And it works flawless. I was able to downgrade to 3.3 and still keep the maps. Youre right, it was super simple.


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