Interrogator/Sync 3 Updator Crash

I am trying to update my 2016 Focus to a version of Sync with Apple Car Play. I have already installed the compatible USB hub, but I cannot get it to update. I have a non-nav system in North America.

I tried installing the latest version, but was met with the insufficient space error. So, I ran the GraceNotes uninstall application - which worked successfully. I have then tried to run the interrogator tool using the Sync3 Updater application, however, once my Sync restarts, the Updater application is unable to read the XML file. It states “Syn3 Updater has crashed. An error occurred and couldn’t be handled”.

Below it prompts me to reset my settings, but this does not fix the issue.

I followed the instructions on the APIM interrogator article, however, reading the XML file in Notepad reveals that the generated XML file is not pulling the amount of space left on the APIM. I would share this XML file, but new users are not allowed to share files.

From here, I also tried just updating Sync but am still met with the Insufficient Space error - even after running the GraceNotes removal tool. So, I have absolutely no idea where to go from here. As I have a NA APIM I should not have to modify my voice files according to the update article. Further, it states that GraceNotes is now a smaller file as of Late 2020 so I should be able to install the latest version of Sync with GraceNotes even on my non-nav APIM.

Any guidance from here would be appreciated.

Update: I have successfully updated the system!

You likely babe your current sync version set wrong in syn3 updater so it’s using the wrong interrogator tool version

You were correct, my Sync setting in the tool was set incorrectly. I corrected it in the application, updated the flash drive to GB5T-14G386-AB_134244.tar, however, Syn3 is still crashing and not pulling the information.

Does the XML contain information?.
You can paste it here, please remove your VIN from it.

I would, but I stumbled into the system successfully updating. Yay! However, I’ve since lost the XML files associated with the crashing of Syn3 Updator because I was just reformatting over the USB every time I tried something new. I never was able to get the interrogator to work.

I did, however, upload the crash report in the application so the devs should be able to access that.

You can recreate the interrogator, it does not modify the Sync unit. Interrogator is created based on your current sync version configured in the app. It would be useful to have the XML for testing.

If it keeps crashing, that is… Maybe you create a new one, and everything works.