IPC Config - Clock Display

Hello all,
Because of too much enthusiasm and not enough knowledge on my part, I had to install a replacement (used) IPC in my 2013 Ford Focus ST (NA). No problem with that and I even figured out how to correct the odometer reading of the replacement IPC to match the vehicle’s actual mileage (fortunately the previous reading of the replacement IPC was lower that the actual mileage on my car).
Only one thing is missing from the replacement IPC display and that is the clock display. Does anybody have as-built information how to restore that ?

You can go here and get the original asbuilt for your car.

Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (motorcraftservice.com)

Got it - just one file though - is that a summary of everything ?

That’s correct it is everything, the IPC is the entries beginning 720-xx-xx

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If you download the .ab file for your vehicle and place it in the AsbuiltData folder in My Documents, you can access it thru FORScan directly. You can still edit and save modifications, but your original asbuilt is readily available inside FORScan.

Thank you for this!
Come to think of it, maybe the clock’s not appearing in my replacement IPC display because I previously changed Clock Master (CM) to be the APIM ?? This was a separate issue with getting the clock in the (upgraded) SYNC3 APIM to function…

You may be right. It would make sense.