Issue with DAB+ radio

Hi All,
I am having an issue with my DAB+ radio in my Vignale Hybrid 2019. Due to the fact i live on the border between Germany and Luxembourg seems to have the issue but considering the fact i work for BCE in Luxembourg I am pretty sure that the DAB radio network built in Germany is better even than the Italian, so
I would say the best DAB radio network.
So the issue comes from the fact that I am able to listen the radios of SWR - all of them on DAB and FM without any issues but those related to DR and Antenne DE - like NRJ or Beats radio I am able to listen only when I am riding in the city of Trier next to the antenna located on Petrisberg tower. Anyway here my goal is to have the possibility to listen Antenne DE radio stations on DAB during my daily commuting to Luxembourg.
The issue comes from the fact that when I am driving on A64 reaching the border when I pass by the hills the DAB signal related to stations of Antenne DE stops while I still listen DAB of SWR without any issues. Considering the facts that I installed the newes update of my Sync 3.4, then downgraded my Sync to 3.3 and now i will update it back to 3.4 nothing changed and still can listen SWR better than Antenne DE withoit any issues.
Related to the above, do you believe that I might have a software issue more than a hardware? Considering please the fact that in ACM module i changed to Europe with Forscan, also activated “Enhanced DAB” in APIM…
Like a very last thing I am thinking to change my antennas with such from Focus or Ecosport considering the fact that few times I got from FORD a service cars and never anywhere I had issues with the DAB radios on both model of cars, having nothing updated on them…

Looking forward for some suggestions from your side.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Trier.

Is this repeatable with another vehicle similar to yours? If so, I would contact the station operators and ask them what their licensed broadcast area is defined. It’s probably on their website.

Thats the issue - it is not repeatable. I drove focuses, eco sports, even my former passat, i ve never had any DAB coverage issues there. As i said one group of radios are there perfect while others are missing so i am starting to think that the issue is Mondeos…

There is nothing that I am aware of that would cause an issue like this in the settings. But then again, I am in the US, not EU, so don’t have a lot of practical experience with DAB.

Maybe an EU user can add more perspective.

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