Issue with Focus 2016 Dashboard

What is your SYNC Region?
south America

What is your current SYNC Version?
Sync 3 2.2

Do you have Navigation?

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

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on the dash of the focus 2016 titanium AT. Where is the indicators where the data for trip 1 and trip 2 appear, on the right the car should appear with its door indicators and lights, they disappeared, it asks me if I update my Syn 3 2.2 to 3.4, could the car reappear in the board, thanks in advance for the answers.

en el tablero del focus 2016 titanium AT. ¿Dónde están los indicadores donde aparecen los datos de viaje 1 y viaje 2, a la derecha debería aparecer el auto con sus indicadores de puerta y luces, desaparecieron, me pregunta si actualizo mi Syn 3 2.2 a 3.4, podría reaparecer el auto en el tablero ? gracias de antemano por las respuestas.

Post your logs (to see which version you had and the one you chosed).
Have you performed a master reset?.

PS: I’ve edited your title, this is an English speaking community.

No, this update has absolutely no effect on the graphic you mention. It disappears when you have certain features in use like navigation instructions or cruise control. There may be a setting in the menu of the ipc to re-enable it.

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