Issues with volume

Since I had this issue with the factory Sync 3.3 version I don’t know if this is the correct forum for it.

After connecting the iphone to the sync and using car play, sometimes the voulme button doesn’t work for the media any more and everytime i try to make it louder or less loud it only changes the volume for the spoken language (of navigation for example). With Sync 3.3 i found a workaround to start the navigation via carplay and stop it so the volume button functioned as it should.
However for the V3.4 19274 and 20021 this workaround doesn’t work any more and i cannot change the loudness of anything that is playing.

Diid yomeone else have this issue and how to solve it?



This may be related to an issue with Waze on your phone - please try uninstalling it entirely and see if the issue is resolved.

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