Its posible upgrade the hardware?

hello! I wanted to know if I purchase a used APIM module and Sync 3 screen, can I make the system hardware change from Sync 2.5 to Sync 3? Is wiring and connections compatible? Its posible?? For Fiesta 2019



It’s possible, but it’s not plug and play.

You will need to buy a kit that should provide you with everything: APIM + SCREEN + WIRING + PLASTICS.

Expect some configuration requirement for the APIM.

Hello, thanks for the answer. Do you sell these wiring kits? And what plastics are you referring to? I already have a used Sync 3 APIM and screen and your plastic and buttons, it is identical to the one I have from Sync 2.5.

Once connected with the cable kits, would I have to configure it with Forscan?


Apologies, I misread your original message.
So your idea is to buy both the APIM and Screen for Sync3, that’s ok.
By plastics I mean all the trims if the screen side is different and such, if not, it’s ok.
The wiring no, I do not sell it.
But look for upgrade kits on the internet, that will give you an idea of which wiring harness you need.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will see if I can find information on the Sync 2.5 module and its connections, before disassembling it, and if I can also find where the APIM module would go. I find little information about Sync 2.5, almost everything is from Sync 2 to Sync 3, which is why I’m lost. thank you.