IVCD Display in IPC


i have a Ford S-Max with the adaptive chassis (IVDC) and i can switch the 3 Modes (Sport, Normal and Comfort) within the Vehicle Settings in IPC. I saw some pictures and videos from Vehicles where a blue lines appeared when set to comfort and red lines when set to sport. Also the Word “Comfort” and “Sport” is permanently shown in IPC when one of these modes are active. My Car is not showing this - does anyone knows how to activate this? Is this only coding or do i need a newer firmware on one/more control units?

I believe this applies to newer model years than the 2016. What vehicles did you see this?

I have Seen this on a Late 2017 S-Max as well as on 2019. i believe it Must be a Software related Feature But Don‘t Know if a specific Firmware for IPC (or even more Control Units) is needed or only coding.

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