Just a simple thank you

Ford’s nav and Sync update process is a disaster. The Cyan tool was absolutely necessary for me to essentially format my device and allow for a clean update of 3.4 and 19 maps. I used the official files from ford for my vehicle, but needed Cyan to “wipe” my system. Thank you!


Welcome to the forum!.. And yes!!. This update tool is awesome!

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Yes it was a painless process to upgrade to 3.4 with the tool.

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I m happy to join by saying Thank You too! :+1:

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Caputure this thread. Thank you!!! After official 25 gig update mess with errors or no messages from Ford… now, a progressbar (!) and a full system update from 3.0 to 3.4 with F10 maps after 50 min. Thank you very much! Look Ford! LOOK!