Latest EU Maps 2023-02-02

Hi, possibily a stupid question but is the latest European mapping EU 2023-02-02 and does this contain
UK and Ireland mapping?

Thank you for conformation.

European maps are F11 right now and cover UK and Ireland amongst other places

HI Rollback _Jockey, on the downloader there are the F11 -F10-F09 but at the bottom there
is EU 2023-02-02 which does look on the face of it to be the newest, but you can see my confusion,


Remove the custom cutdown map generator key from Syn3updater’s configuration, since that’s what you are seeing there.

As previously stated, F11 EU are the latest maps at the moment.

I wondered why i wasn’t seeing that option.

Thank You Guy’s, you saved me from that.
Yes I removed the key and the 2023 option disappeared so as you say F11 is the latest mapping.
Thanks For the help

He might have purchased cut down EU maps before for his car, so the key is still present in his app.

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