Looking for info on upgrading to 3.4

Hi there, I have a 2018 Ford Fiesta. I’m looking to upgrade it from sync 3 to sync 3.4. The new UI looks way better. I’ve had a read through the instructions and have a few questions. I was just wondering if it was required to do any flashing using FORScan? I’m new to this and don’t feel comfortable messing with the data like that. Also if I just install sync 3.4 will the software extras remain like reverse parking sensors or would I have to flash that in after the installation has complete. I have the navigation version of sync 3 and was also looking to update the maps. I’ve heard version 3.4 requires a lot of storage. How do I know if my car has the storage requirements to hold version 3.4 with navigation and the latest maps. Also is there any what not to do’s? Don’t want to end up bricking my car.

Thanks in advance.

The settings for your reverse camera etc. are in your As Built data. The update won’t change anything in these settings so everything should work as normal.

If you have an EU APIM with Nav, then you will be able to upgrade to 3.4 with Nav. The USA versions have less storage space which is where you’ve probably read that people are having problems with space.

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Thanks for your response. That’s cleared it up for me. Do you know what the situation is with downgrading? I’m currently on 3.0 would I be able to revert back to that version if there’s issues with 3.4?

I think you can only go back as far as 3.3. You won’t want to go back, 3.4 is spot on, the last 2 previous versions had bugs with the USB but 20196 has fixed this and seems to be bug free.

You can revert as far back as 3.2, but not back to 3.0. The unit originally equipped in you vehicle should have plenty of storage for the upgrade. Being a 2018 car, you should be ok without flashing firmware for features. As andspenka states above:

Okay that sounds good, I’ve just downloaded the latest 3.4 firmware 3.4.20196 with EU maps (F9 09/2020) from Syn3 Updater. I had Syn3 Updater put it onto a 32gb as it says 32gb is required, however when finished it says that 24gb is taken up on my USB. Have the files downloaded correctly?

Yes you don’t need 32gb, but you can’t buy a 24gb USB drive and the next closest is 16gb :smiley:

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That makes sense, thanks for clearing it up. I’ve finished installing the new updating no issues. I’m very surprised as I usually tend to have bad luck with stuff like this, last time i did something similar was flashing a newer version of Android onto an older phone and it wouldn’t detect SIM cards after aha. Thankfully this time after thoroughly checking my car after the update everything seems to be in working order. Thank you so much for this tool, kind of bs how Ford aren’t rolling out this update on a car that’s two years old in my case. I will post anything bugs/issues I find in the forum section about the latest version of 3.4, thanks again!