Looking to go from 3.2 to 3.4

2016 Ford F-150 Lariat. w/ 3.2.16074 USA and Navigation.

When I go to select my version in the program it does not go back to the one that I have. Will it be an issue if I select 3.3.19502 as my current or do I need to find a way to upgrade to that before I upgrade to 3.4?

I think you are not using the app correctly.
The current sync version is manually configured by the user, and you can set it to 3.0.0000 if you want to.
Make sure to configure the app correctly, the current sync version is configured in the Settings tab (cog at the bottom left), the desired new version in the Home tab (house).

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The version you mean is Sync3 v2.0.16074 14.03.2016? (There is not a release 3.2.16074.)

If this is the case you need to set 2.0.16074 as the current version in the app setup, then choose the 3.4 version you want to upgrade to on the home tab, as @SaNdMaN states.

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